Weapons Ukraine has requested US assistance in its conflict with Russia.

Ukraine has requested more anti-ship missiles, as well as drones and missile systems, from the Biden administration to assure the security of seaports blocked by the Russian Navy. According to US Representative Jason Crow, Russian military can be hit from afar.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky relayed this request to Crow and other congressmen visiting Kiev last weekend, according to Colorado Democratic Representative Jason Crow. Ukraine claims it requires US-made Harpoon anti-ship missiles and other weaponry systems in order to allow the Black Sea port of Odesa and other seaports to export millions of tonnes of food and other goods. A Russian blockade has been imposed on these seaports. “They require ground-launched anti-ship missiles such as the Harpoon or comparable systems since food export is one of their most pressing concerns. They have a total inventory of 12 million tonnes, including inventory. Wheat, sunflower oil, and other commodities must be exported not only to help the Ukrainian economy, but also to avoid starvation in Africa and the Middle East if they are not exported within the next few months. We will see a rise in hunger all around the planet.”

Anti-ship missiles could allow Ukrainian government forces to open a passage for cargo ships to leave the port. Ukraine has placed mines off these ports to thwart a Russian amphibious operation.

Ukraine is also requesting that the United States deliver more long-range drones in addition to the UAVs it has already provided to Kiev.

According to Crow, President Zelensky also requested that the US fund more multiple rocket systems, particularly the US-made HIMARS system. This missile system, which has a range of more than 100 kilometres, is crucial for the Ukrainian army to target the Russian army at a wider distance than artillery. This is thought to be an essential capability in warfare in flat, open locations like eastern and southern Ukraine.

“They require something with a range of more than 100 kilometres. Cannon systems are incapable of reaching that distance “Mr. Crow opined.

The Biden administration earlier stated that the Harpoon anti-ship missile systems are unsuitable for the Ukrainian Navy and that Ukrainian warships are unable to deploy them. Mr. Crow, on the other hand, believes they can be launched from the ground, and Ukraine has demonstrated its capacity to utilise and combat modern weapons.

Britain has also lately stated that it will provide anti-ship missiles to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has stated that any NATO vehicle entering the country with weapons or equipment for Ukrainian troops will be considered a legitimate target and destroyed.

“The US and its NATO partners continue to flood Ukraine with weaponry. I can confirm that any vehicle transporting weapons and equipment for the Ukrainian army that enters Ukraine will be destroyed. We believe it is a valid target for destruction “On May 4, Shoigu stated

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