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Ukraine raised funds to purchase UAVs, and Turkey provided them for free.

Ukrainians raised funds to purchase three Turkish Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), but Ankara decided to give them to Kiev for free.

In light of the intensifying conflict and equipment deficit, a crowdfunding initiative has surfaced in Ukraine to raise funds for the military to purchase additional Bayraktar TB2 UAVs for use in combat operations. Today (June 28), Reuters reported that the fund has achieved a “important milestone.”

The famed Bayraktar TB2 UAV model’s manufacturer, Turkey’s Baykar Corporation, indicated that it will give three of them to Ukraine without charge rather than selling them for the funds just received.

In a formal statement, Baykar stated, “We offer to send the indicated money to the Ukrainians in need.” When and the specifics of the Bayraktar TB2 that Ankara intends to transfer to Ukraine are unclear.

The Turkish government gave the Ukrainian army the Bayraktar TB2 UAV, which costs roughly $5 million USD per unit. This generation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can fly nonstop for 27 hours at a distance of 300 km from the control tower, carry 55 kg of weaponry, and have wingspans of 12 m.

A 200kg load of reconnaissance or attack gear, such as 70mm rockets, guided bombs, laser-guided missiles, or long-range anti-tank missiles, can be transported by a Bayraktar TB2.

Bayraktar TB2 films of the raids on Russian military targets were frequently posted by Ukraine in the early stages of the operation.

However, comparable videos only seldom surfaced throughout the months of violence that followed. Additionally, Russian media consistently aired footage of the Bayraktar TB2 being shot down close to the border in both Russian and Ukrainian territory.

Russia acknowledged at the end of March 2022 that it had removed 35/36 of Ukraine’s Bayraktar-TB2 aircraft from combat, but Kiev is alleged to have added some of these aircraft as hostilities intensified.

The campaign to raise money for Bayraktar TB2 replenishment is active worldwide. Many Lithuanians also gathered 6 million euros a few weeks ago to purchase Kiev a Bayraktar TB2. Later, Turkey also made the decision to lend one of these vehicles to Lithuania so that it could transport it independently to Ukraine.

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