Information about US and UK assistance to Eastern European and Baltic allies

As a result of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Eastern European and Baltic nations have donated a large number of weaponry to Ukraine. As a result, the US and the UK proceeded to compensate for the shortage in their allies’ arsenals.

It’s a plan that favours Ukraine as well as America’s Eastern European and Baltic friends. In the fight with Russia, Ukraine’s military will be armed with weapons it is accustomed with. As a “compensation,” Eastern European and Baltic countries such as Poland and Georgia will have their arsenals upgraded when they get contemporary weaponry from the West.

The United States and the United Kingdom offered $300 million in aid earlier this week to compensate for the Allies’ weapon deficiency.

As a result, Poland will get an undetermined number of modern Challenger 2 main combat tanks from the United Kingdom to replace the T-72 tanks that Poland currently supplies to Ukraine. In addition, Poland, Ukraine’s closest ally in Eastern Europe, revealed that the US will back them in signing a contract to buy 250 Abrams “super tanks” worth $5 billion.

Georgia will receive $ 35 million in order to provide a brigade with sufficient weapons. The Georgia Army will also receive anti-drone technologies, as well as targeting and fire control systems.

The US and its allies have decided to give Bosnia and Herzegovina a $23 million credit to help the government buy two medium transport helicopters. After the government obtains four UH-1H helicopters from the US in 2021, these two aircraft are projected to greatly increase transport capabilities for the Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Force.

In addition, cash aid will be delivered to Eastern European and Baltic countries, including $54.5 million to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, 17 million USD to Albania, $34.5 million to Bulgaria, $15 million to Croatia and Moldova, $4.9 million to Montenegro, $28 million to North Macedonia, $35 million to Romania, $9.5 million to Slovenia and Slovakia, and $520,000 to the Czech Republic.

Replacing the arsenals of their Baltic and Eastern European allies also aids the US and UK in achieving their goal of removing Russian influence from their forces.

“We’ve been working with our NATO friends for years to eliminate Warsaw Pact vestiges from their forces. This will assist our partners in avoiding the hazards of remaining reliant on the pact. reliant on Russian resources “said a senior US administration official who did not want to be identified.

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