Despite obtaining NASAMS air defence equipment, Ukraine still lacks missiles.

The lack of an interceptor missile in Ukraine’s NASAMS air defence system prevents the weapon from being employed in combat. According to the announcement, the NASAMS air defence systems have arrived in Ukraine, but no interceptors have been connected as of yet, raising many unanswered issues. According to sources in Ukraine, a NATO ally gave … Read more

List of Russian missiles deployed in the conflict in Ukraine

The two most crucial weapons used by Russia in the conflict in Ukraine are cruise missiles and short-range ballistic missiles. With the ability to strike all of Ukraine, these missiles aid Russia in attacking key military infrastructure, particularly in western Ukraine, where Kiev stores Western weapons and equipment. Since beginning a special military campaign in … Read more

Due to the war in Ukraine, the US cancels naval exercises in the Black Sea.

According to saab news, which cited anonymous US sources, the US Navy has postponed the vital Sea Breeze 2022 drill in the Black Sea due of Russia’s  ground offensive in Ukraine. Sea Breeze was postponed due to the Russian military operation, according to an anonymous official in President Joe Biden’s administration. As opposed to the … Read more

Ukraine raised funds to purchase UAVs, and Turkey provided them for free.

Ukrainians raised funds to purchase three Turkish Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), but Ankara decided to give them to Kiev for free. In light of the intensifying conflict and equipment deficit, a crowdfunding initiative has surfaced in Ukraine to raise funds for the military to purchase additional Bayraktar TB2 UAVs for use in combat … Read more