If there is a conflict, will the US aircraft be able to penetrate the Russian air defense system?

In the context of the increasingly tense European situation, American experts analyzed the outcome of a hypothetical war between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In an article published on the official website of the Atlantic Council, the author Scott Cooper, a former lieutenant colonel, a pilot of the US Marines, who used … Read more

Russian fighter intercept U.S. patrol aircraft on spying mission

The U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon patrol aircraft was allegedly intercepted over the Black Sea by Su-27 fighter jets of the Southern Military District’s air defence quick reaction alert units, according to the Russian National Defense Control Center. On July 24, 2020, the Center reported that Russian airspace control systems had discovered an air target above … Read more

In an attempt to bully Japan, eight warships from China and Russia appeared near its territorial waters.

This week, eight vessels from China and Russia were spotted close to Japanese waters as tensions between the two nations and Tokyo grew over the Ukraine and Taiwan issues. On June 21, Japan’s Defense Ministry stated its forces had identified five Russian vessels, commanded by an anti-submarine destroyer, passing through the Tsushima Strait, which separates … Read more

The Russian Su-57 unexpectedly “multiplied 5” armaments to tens of tonnes without a major upgrade – why?

The most recent news from RIA Novosti has clarified a lot of previous speculation among Russian military specialists. An vital test has just passed! A source in the defence industry told the Russian news agency RIA Novosti a few hours ago that a test shot at a ground target by the S-70 Okhotnik-B (Hunter) Unmanned … Read more

Many people are surprised that this Asian fighter model is more expensive than Russia’s Su-57 fighter.

This fighter is built to carry out exceedingly ambitious goals. What accounts for the high price? The Indian Air Force authorised a contract to purchase 83 Tejas Mk1A light single-engine fighter aircraft in January 2021, marking the second highest order for this type of aircraft [after the original order of 40 components]. India began developing … Read more

This is how the world’s most famous blockbuster series’ directors make the most amazing one-shot moments.

One-shot, or one-take, cinematography is a tough technique to master, but when done well, it produces seamless, lifelike moments that effortlessly bring the spectator into the film’s emotional flow. Cinematography is one of the most crucial aspects of a blockbuster film and can help directors fulfil their vision. Many production teams have used “one-take,” also … Read more

The number of Chechen fighters fighting in Ukraine for Kadyrov has been revealed by intelligence.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Intelligence Service, over 2,500 Chechen fighters took part in the fighting in Ukraine. According to Ukraine’s General Intelligence Service, roughly 100 Chechen mercenaries were killed, 300 were wounded, and more than 60 fled the country, leaving guns and ammunition behind. their. Kadyrov’s fighters allegedly landed in Ukraine during … Read more

Turkey has proposed a strategy for rescuing Ukrainian soldiers injured in the Azovstal steel facility.

Baoquocte.vn. Turkey had volunteered to move the wounded soldiers who were entrenched in the Azovstal steel mill in Mariupol, southern Ukraine, on May 14, according to Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman for President Erdogan. Turkey from the sea. Turkey had volunteered to move the wounded soldiers who were entrenched in the Azovstal steel mill in Mariupol, … Read more