The number of Chechen fighters fighting in Ukraine for Kadyrov has been revealed by intelligence.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Intelligence Service, over 2,500 Chechen fighters took part in the fighting in Ukraine.

According to Ukraine’s General Intelligence Service, roughly 100 Chechen mercenaries were killed, 300 were wounded, and more than 60 fled the country, leaving guns and ammunition behind. their.

Kadyrov’s fighters allegedly landed in Ukraine during the second wave of strikes, conducting house searches, intimidating captives and residents, and stealing their stuff, according to Ukraine’s General Intelligence Service.

To make an example for others, Kadyrov’s men were told to intercept the fleeing Russians and shoot those who refused to fight.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Chechen fighters have proceeded to the Luhansk and Mariupol districts, looting and filming TikTok films of the “trophy.”

The media war appears to be just as effective as the field conflict. Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has previously stated that Chechen soldiers are prepared to launch a ferocious attack in Ukraine to finish the war and reaffirm devotion to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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