The next-generation iPhone will be labelled “Made in India.”

The intensifying trade conflict between the United States and China has sparked numerous discussions about Apple shifting production to nations other than China. While it is unknown whether Apple’s Chinese manufacturing partner would relocate its existing activities, a fresh Reuters story confirms that the high-end iPhone series will be built at the facility soon. Foxconn production in India.

Foxconn’s facility, located in the town of Sriperumbudur in the state of Tamil, will be a significant boost to the Indian economy. It will also provide employment for approximately 25,000 people. Foxconn intends to expand its Indian facility with a $356 million investment finance to facilitate the acquisition.

Apple has yet to provide any information about Foxconn’s relocation, including whether the Indian factory will simply focus on assembly or producing iPhone components.

India won’t be an inexpensive iPhone manufacturing location anymore.

One of the corporations that has been impacted since US President Donald Trump announced plans to raise tariffs on imports from China is Apple. Foxconn’s increased iPhone production in India will therefore enable the corporation to protect itself from any future changes in US trade policy.

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